Spring Trend: Lace Details!
  • June 3, 2013

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Hey hey Woozens! xx

OMG Glamz Prom.  Congrats to RomeoRomeo and Nikki-Ashley, this year’s Glamz Prom King and Queen!  These two did an amazing job collecting Crystalz and gaining the votes of all you woozens out there.  Without a doubt, Glamz Prom 2013 was best Prom party I’ve ever attended!  From the fabulous pre-party in LBJS1’s Carriage Unitz to those of us that danced all night, Glamz Prom 2013 was a huge success all the way through.  What was your favorite part of Prom?  Wearing the Glamzorous outfits? Waiting anxiously for the Prom results? Chatting with the Woozband and your fellow woozens? Dancing the night away? Hanging out in some Glamztastic Unitz?  I can’t decide, I loved every minute!

With a Friday night so filled with Glamz, I just couldn’t help myself on Saturday, I HAD to go shoe-shopping!  LOL there’s no better way to recover from Prom than hanging out with your girlfriends, grabbing a chocolate milkshake and a new pair of shoes.  (OK, new pairs of shoes 😉  I’m really into lace-trimmed socks and shoes – sneakers, flats, heels, whatever!  It’s such a nice way to bring a little femininity and spring-y-ness into your wardrobe :)

What did all you woozens do to recover from the epicness of Prom?  Comment your answer on this post, or come to What the Wooz?! tonight for the Interview Game!  I’ll be in the What the Wooz?! Unitz at 6:30 PM WT to chat with you guys.  I can’t wait to discuss the latest in pop culture with all of you faaab woozens!

See you there!

Stay stylish,

MyaWooz xx