Saving the Princess!
  • May 31, 2013

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Hi hi Woozens!

I’m so glad Princess Mariko has been unfrozen!  I know how hard all you ninja woozens worked to save the Princess, and believe me, she’s as impressed and grateful as I am.  This weekend, Max and I showed the Princess around Woozworld.  She was very interested in the variety of Unitz you woozens make!  She especially liked the Tile Art Unitz created for Jay’s Unitz Design Challenge this week X)

Max and I attended a very interesting event on Saturday – have you woozens ever been to a roller derby?  It’s crazy!  Two teams on roller blades skate around a circular arena at lightning speeds.  I was pretty disoriented at first by the teams zipping and zooming around, but after a little while I started to understand the game.  And wow, these girls are so amazingly good at roller skating! They were ducking around each other, elbowing and pushing, starting and stopping, and nobody fell!  I wish I were that good.  Everytime we try to go roller blading at the park I always embarrass myself XD  Have you been roller skating, Woozens?  What sports are you really good at?

After all the excitement on Saturday, I was a little disappointed on Sunday.  Since it’s finally getting warmer, Max and I decided to head over to the new water park, only to discover that it’s closed until June 6!  FAIL XD

But my disappointment didn’t last, because I got to see all of you last night at What the Wooz?!

You woozens always brighten my day!

JennyWooz <3