Basketball Weekend
  • May 31, 2013

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Suuuuup Woozens!

Yo y’all, did you hear about the craziness that went down at Mya’s Late Night Show on Friday night?  Our new friend, Princess Mariko of Chop-Chop Ninja, was frozen by the evil Chop-Chop Shogun!  I’m especially down about it cuz I never even got to meet her before that uncool dude showed up.  But luckily there is hope: after a weekend of research, GoodOldWooz has informed us that Fire Potions will be appearing around Woozworld, and Woozens like y’all can suit up in Ninja outfits to collect these Potions and unfreeze the Princess.  Will you be joining our fight against the Shogun’s powers?

Now all that planning to save the Princess can really take a lot out of a guy, so the rest of the weekend I dedicated myself to some serious basketball watching.  Y’all know how much I love bball, and the NBA series this year have been straight ballin’!  All the games have been tight, but one of the best games I’ve seen in my life was last Monday’s matchup of the San Antonio Spurs vs. the Golden State Warriors.  The Warriors were 16 points ahead until the Spurs caught up and brought the game into two overtimes to win the thing!  It was insaaaane yo.

Since that game was so exciting, I was mad prepped on Sunday afternoon for the rematch.  And lemme tell y’all, it did not disappoint!  Of course I had the boys over to watch the game, and did a little BBQ-ing ahead of time.  BBQ, bros and basketball?  Pretty much the best Sunday of my life lol

But yo, today’s gonna be sweeeeet too, cuz I get to see y’all at the What the Wooz?! talk show.  Get ready for interviews!

See ya’ll at 6:30 PM WT!

Peace out,