Hiking “technology” = your legs! LOL
  • May 31, 2013

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Hey Woozens!

Wow, wasn’t Jenny’s party amazing on Friday night?  I had such a great time seeing all you Woozens!  If life was a video game like I sometimes (OK, all the time) wish it was, Friday would definitely have bumped us all up a level on fun points alone.  (I’m still working out the details of this game LOL.)  SunSet916 made a superawesome Unitz for the party – a glamorous version of the Ranch setting, and in Jenny’s colors no less!  We were all impressed by the level of talent you guys showed in the contest, and of course by the amount of love and care you showed for Jenny.  She was very touched X)

This weekend, we had a full schedule of Jenny’s favorite things in honor of her actual birthday date on Saturday.  That means she dragged me out to go hiking on Saturday morning before I had even recovered from all that funfetti cake I ate! LOL XD  After we got home she kicked me out to have her girlfriends over for dinner & movies, so I went and played video games and ate pizza with Jay.  Living the life! Rofl

Speaking of fun times, I hope you guys are as excited as I am for What the Wooz?! tonight at 6:30 PM WT!  I always love my turns to host this pop culture show.  If I didn’t have this to host, I would never know about any of the new celebrities and music out there, so come with all your opinions and news XD

See you all at 6:30 PM WT!