WoozCharmed Competition

Since the Woozband got lost on that mysterious island, everyone’s has been getting this eerie feeling that something is about to happen – in Woozworld. That suspicious shadow like figure has still been appearing, and apparently, it has hexed Mya and Jay, making them become a Witch and a Warlockz.

Now, several Jack-o’-lanterns are popping up in Unitz all over the world; apparently they’ve also been charmed by Witchez and Warlockz Woozens… Fortunately, some courageous Trackers are showing up and are ready to confront this hex.

WitchWarlockWhat about you, woozens? What side will you pick in this whole story?

pumpkinsIf you choose the side of charms and magic, dress up as a Witch or a Warlock, just like Jay and Mya! Start grabbing all those pumpkins you see lying around, and collect as much hex power as you can! Each pumpkin you collect earns you 1 point when you wear the brand new Witch / Warlock outfit! It will also add your team’s total score!

Tracker_femaleTRacker_maleIf you would rather protect Woozworld against witchcraft, join Jenny and Max with your new Witch Tracker outfit and help your team by getting 1 point for each crossbow bolt you collect. Those bolts will give you strength to reach your target! 😉

flechasFor those not wearing the outfits, you can still join in the battle by attending next week’s Special Eventz!

By the end of the month, the winning team and the Top 3 winners will get some super-mega-rewards. Look below to find out what. You know woozens , epic battles deserve even epic-er rewards! 😉

Prizes – Winning Team:

Every member of the winning team (Wicthes or Trackers) will receive a trophy, an achievement and 500 Beex!

Top 3 Woozens:

– 500 Wooz

– Medium commemorative statue

– Friendship with the two Woozband of his/her team


1st Place Woozen:

– 2500 Wooz

– Big commemorative statue

**Exclusive** Best Friend relationship with the two Woozband of his/her team

But wait! The team that doesn’t win this competition will also get some prizes!

All the Woozens in the other team will receive 500 Beex!

The Top 3 Woozens will get 2.000 Beex and the Woozen in 1st Place will get 5.000 Beex!

Let the battle begin!