Woozband reunited!
  • September 27, 2013

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Attention Woozens breaking NEWS!

The Woozband is reunited once again!! The search for Maxwooz and Myawooz lasted for two weeks after the crash .

Woozens from all over the globe joined the search party. Woozens traveled through mazes and quizzes, collecting Compasses and Binoculars while the Woozband searched the jungles surrounding Bali, Indonesia for clues!


Yesterday September 26th around 6:30 PM Myawooz was finally found by her best friend JennyWooz.

After the reunion Jenny noticed a strange machine in Zeena’s SOTW event. Jay and Max confirmed that same machine is the reason of the plane crash.

The woozband is together and stronger than ever!


To celebrate Myawooz booked a flight for her and the Woozens on AirWooz and ensures a safe return!

More info soon!