Wooz Weekly: Wzw High Teachers Quit… to Run ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY??
  • August 11, 2015

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Have you heard? LIVE Entertainment, Inc., is sponsoring the Woozworld’s Next Superstar competition this year. You’ve heard the work of LIVE’s famous artists, such as JennySwift, Jayrell Williams, and Four DirectionZ, but what do we really know about this multimedia corporation??

LIVE Entertainment’s CEO is notoriously reclusive – no definite photo of the man or woman leading the company exists. But that’s never stopped your dedicated reporter from bringing you the news everyone else is afraid to print!

Wooz Weekly has managed to contact an artist that recently left LIVE Entertainment Records under mysterious circumstances. “I was never introduced to the CEO formally,” our source reveals EXCLUSIVELY to your inexhaustible detective, “But I’ve certainly seen her sweeping imperiously down the hallways: Lady Wooz!”

That’s right! Wzw High’s snooty fashion teacher has exchanged the classroom for the boardroom as LIVE Entertainment’s CEO! “Apparently, Lady Wooz is terrified of pineapples,” our singing source confides. “And there were just too many potential tropical fruit incidents possible at a high school.” As a corporate CEO, the fashionista can safely shut all pineapples out of her sight.


Not only has Lady Wooz left Woozworld High, it seems she took another former employee with her! That’s right, Woozens: Janitor Beex is now PRODUCER Beex!

The former LIVE artist tells Wooz Weekly, “Producer Beex is definitely the louder of the two. I can just hear him now… When he didn’t like the track I was singing, he would shout, ‘OI, GET YER KNACKERS TOGETHER AND QUIT SPITTIN OUT TRASH! I DONT WANNA TAKE YER TO THE CURB!'” Big words from a former janitor!

Why did Lady Wooz and former Janitor Beex leave Wzw High together? Is there a blossoming romance that led them both to same corporation? When will they reveal themselves to the general public? And will Wzw High be able to find replacements for its fearsome fashion teacher and anti-joy janitor in time to start the new school year?

Keep an eye on Wooz Weekly to see how this story unfolds – we’ve always got the lastest gab!