Wooz Weekly: Ship of the Week #4
  • November 20, 2015

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xxxLoveFor77d275dacaf152faa71417383aeb0ba8everxx (AKA Bren) and Blondey–yke are seen all over Woozworld, from JayWooz‘s Freestyle Cafe to MyaWooz‘s Style Scoop. The couple met at a Woozband Halloween event through a mutual friend on the very day that Blondey had broken up with her ex! How scandalous! The two knew they were right for each other as soon as they laid eyes on one another. “I knew then that I had met the one who I wanted to be mine,” says Bren, his eyes misty with the thought of beautiful memories.

These days, you can find the couple out-and-about in Woozworld together because, as Blondey says, “Both of us love the lime light!” The couple also likes to buy pets and name them after one another as well as dress in matching outfits. Bren was even the Beexta to Blondey’s Wooznis. Just lovely. Neither of these come close to their favourite activity though. “Most of all,” gushes Blondey, “We love taking pictures!” I suppose what they say is true; the couple that selfies together, stays together.


[Woozarazzi’s Note: If you and your boo want to be featured in Wooz Weekly’s Ship of the Week,  you can write to me, but you’d better be sure to attend lots of events together and, of course, remember to take lots of selfies!]