Wooz Weekly: Ship of the Week #2
  • November 6, 2015

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Ciara&ItchingSierraTooCool and Itching (who, I have on good authority, prefers to be called David) are one of Woozworld‘s most visible couples. This wasn’t always the case though. The couple met on WoozIn when David bravely sent Sierra a friend request. Never one to shy away from making new friends, Sierra accepted and soon found a message from David in her inbox in which he introduced himself. This, Sierra says, set him apart from others. “At first, I thought he was pranking me with this ‘good boy status,'” she gushes, “but then me and him actually connected.” The couple became official eight months ago and the rest is Woozworld history!

This power couple attends tons of events together, with a special focus on JayWooz‘s events. They also never miss MyaWooz‘s Star of the Week as Mya is a good friend of the couple. In fact, she even attended their wedding! Talk about high-profile! “It gives me great joy to be his girlfriend/wife,” says Sierra, “I don’t know what would’ve happened if I never met the crazy, itchy-armed David.”

And there you have it, Woozens! A true Woozworld love story.


[Woozarazzi’s Note: If you and your boo want to be featured in Wooz Weekly’s Ship of the Week, be sure to attend lots of events together and, of course, remember to take lots of selfies!]