Wooz Paper Vol.151

Hey Woozens!

Welcome to the weekly inside look ! Check out the latest Woozens articles to find out what’s new around WoozWorld! Last week woozens had a great time with fall fun,this week woozens get to warm up in front of hot chocolate in the all new Yetibüx café!

The mysterious woozworld shadow is still causing havoc around the world! Keep an eye open for it!!!If you get a picture of the shadow post it on my woozIN!Also don’t miss out on jenny’s advice with her dear jenny blog!


What’s new in Woozworld this week?

  • New Yetibüx furns and outfits in store now!
  • Yetibüx Café unitz design contest
  • New Vip Pack everything to make an amazing Café!
  • Interview with author Bryan Chick !!

Articles from Woozens




Café contest by cooltz

The show’s on now! Woozens compete for the prize for a new café. The woozband has announced another cafe unitz contest, featuring the makings of Yetibux and Café Bistro. There is so much hype for this event that I’m sure that there will be many wonderful café’s out there for us to enjoy, so start baking because the deadline is Friday, October 11!





endangered animals  by roseferr

There is an amazing event down at  the endangered animals quests! just read these question and get to the very last boxs and you win an amazing prize for FREE! so are you still reading this articale in the woozsearch just type in endaged animals and you will be in!!! what are you waiting for it easy its fun it amazing and best of all its free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




 Until next Week Woozens!