Wooz Paper Vol.150

Hey Woozens!

Welcome to the weekly inside look into Woozworld! Look at our latest Woozens articles to find out what’s new! What an intense trip to Bali the Woozband had! Luckily everyone is safe and sound! MyaWooz celebrated her return on the flight back home with all the Woozens who helped find her! Great work! The Woozband is home again just in time to “fall” in love with the New outfits!


What’s new in Woozworld this week?

  • Woozband is at long last reunited! See the full story here
  • New Fall Fashion in store now!
  • New Star Of The Week KatarinaPEACE congratz!

Articles from Woozens





Whats up with this bullying  by ressepieces

What’s up with this bullying on woozworld ? Woozworld is places to meet friends enjoy, and experience fashion and other things like that. Lately on woozworld alot of people have been bullying other woozens. This is not nice. It’s disrespectful. In the terms and conditions its states to respect others. Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you see bullying going on around woozworld, let someone know. Or use the report tool.




New Fall Collection by SkaterGirlXxx

Omg,Woozens! Check Out The New Outfits In STORE There Just to DIE for! Max and Jay’s Outfits Look Fabulous. And Mya’s Outfit Is Just Amazing I Love The Earrings She Has and the hair with highlights is just Epic! Jenny’s OMG I Love Her Top Skirt And Everything! The Green Suits Her Well. Wow, Woozens There just Amazing get yours today! :)



Until next Week Woozens!