Wooz Paper Vol.149

Hey Woozens!

Every week Woozens give us the inside look on what’s happening in Woozworld! Look at our latest Woozens articles to read the latest buzz! After last week’s trip to Bali the Woozband’s off to the Island of Samoa in search of Myawooz !Don’t miss out on the chance to help the woozband out!


What’s new in Woozworld this week?

  • MaxWooz found at long last but MyaWooz is still Missing!
  • New Samoa Island Fashion Collection in Store now!
  • The mystery around Mouhahahahahaha

Articles from Woozens


Fashionable in Bali by ShineParis


It is unfortunate that our beloved Woozband is trapped in Bali, but meanwhile, we can enjoy some terrific fashions!!! You may have noticed some awesome new outfits around woozworld. Mordern as well as Royal bali outfits are available. Headresses to veils, Lace to bamboo prints, Wedges to flowers, what not!! So collect ’em before time runs out and you can even try to pair them up with some other classy pieces. This new Bali fashion is just BALIRIFFIC xD Until next time woozens!


Bali news by -V-I-D-E-L-

Greetings, Woozens! As you know, the WoozBand are currently in Bali. So far, Jenny and Jay are okay, but there are no news from Max or Mya. Hopefully, they reunite soon. Also, you may have noticed that there are new clothes in the Store. They were inspired by the people in Bali, why not join the trend?


Let’s cross our fingers and hope for Mya and Max’s safe return! x)

New Woozguidez by -Sakura-X3

OMG hey Guys it’s me Cassie here bringing you the latest scoop on the new woozguidez!!!! We have  two woozguides Gummibearz55 and Willowkittycat i only meet Willow once but im sure we’ll be seeing both of them tons of time in the later future !! 😀 Stay tuned to woozworld and hot topics for more awesome news!! Love ye lots :3  your girl Cassie (Sakura)


 Until next Week Woozens!