Wooz Paper Vol.148

Hey Woozens!

Every week Woozens give us the inside look on what’s happening in Woozworld! Look at our latest Woozens articles to read the latest buzz! A star will be visiting Mya’s Late Night Show on Friday. This amazing artist is none other than Jasmine Villegas! This week is still all about the fans; make sure not to miss out on any of the celebrations!


What’s new in Woozworld this week?

  • Last Weekend to buy Pajama’s designed by Woozens! In store now!
  • Woozband goes on Vacation!
  • Jasmine Villegas  at Mya’s Late Night Show Sept 13th 
  • New contests coming Monday Sept. 16th
  • Pajama After Party Friday Sept. 13th 
  • New Woozguidez!

Articles from Woozens


Giant heads by Chrisxuqi

Hey woozen Chris here to talk about the new woozband giant heads are here get collect all 9 of them but there only at target (only in the USA) and in Walmart (only in Canada) for only $10.00 you will also get

– 1 month 30 days VIP

– 10, 00 wooz

– A free woozpet

– 250 dance move (like ganga style)

– And 1 of 9 Giant woozband heads

So go to target or walmart to get your woozworld card only $10.00 and get all of the awesome wooz stuff that you will ever want!

By : chrisxuqi



Latest news by nimirocks

Hey woozens! Just wanted to say that this week’s news it awesome! So, did anyone go to the Woozlympics Event? I saw so many familiar faces and friends. Let’s give a shoutout to the people who entered! Did you guys see the new designs? They fab-o-lous! I love them all especially AsianLovely’s. You guys can submit your designs to the Woozband too! Oh what about the cafe contest? Kylie won! Her unitz was awesome, and a big success. Let’s get serious now, did anyone here about the new market place? Now, I can find everything I want for cheap prices! I know some people can find cheap fat guys now. Jay’s Pajama Party contest is here! Sumbit your design by creating an awesome unitz with fun sleepover stuff. Who knows what the winner will get?

Hope you woozens enjoy the news, and remember to help WoozWorld be a better place!



Woozguidez by coolgirlm

I’m sure many people are wondering, “WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BE A WOOZGUIDEZ?!”.  Well, the answer is right here for you.  Being a WoozGuidez is always a great time; hanging out with you woozens, answering your questions, helping you with problems, and making sure everyone is being appropriate.  Another frequently asked question is “Is being a WoozGuidez hard?”. The answer to that is yes, sometime’s it’s rough, but in the end, I’m glad that I was picked to be a WoozGuidez.  And yes, of course it’s always cool to know moderators pretty well.  I hope this answers your question: “What is it like to be a WoozGuidez”.


 Until next Week Woozens!