WNTM Fashion Event of the Year
  • November 26, 2014

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The most exclusive event of the year is almost here. Woozens, this is the big one. The show of the century. The catwalk we’ve all been waiting for.

MyaWooz presents: Woozworld Fashion Finale.
November 29th at 2PM WT!

Come dressed in your best to mingle with the fierce and fashionable and get a sneak peek at upcoming styles designed by Mya herself. The top 5 WNTM models will be invited to showcase the outfit that best represents them. Mya will also give an inside look on how outfits from Woozworld come to be and what’s coming in the next few weeks.

Just a like a real fashion show, all attendees (even those in queue) will receive a limited-edition goodie bag containing:
-250 Wooz
-A free Store outfit from November (girls will get a girl outfit and boys will get a boy outfit)
-An exclusive achievement title
-An upcoming December Store hairstyle

You MUST attend the event to receive your Goodie Bag, having the ticket isn’t enough. The Goodie Bag items will be delivered to your inventory on Monday Dec 1.

Tickets for this ultra-posh event go on sale TODAY for $1.99. And remember, there are only a few days left until Woozworld Fashion Night, so you better start planning your outfit and get ready to SLAY.

See you on the runway!