WNTM Fashion Design Contest!


Models sometimes make the best fashion designers, with their unique sense of style and branding. For those of you that can both model AND design, we’re launching a fashion design contest!


Create either a complete girl’s outfit or a complete boy’s outfit around the theme of New York Fashion Week, inspired by your favorite clothes, shows and designers this year. Mya gives names to all of the garments her collection each week, like Spencie, Tobysome, and Kattitude, and we encourage you to name yours for a little extra creativity.


You can download and use this template to start your design!



This competition has now ended. MyaWooz and her Fashion Team will Woozify the two winning looks for sale in the Woozworld Store on November 20th, and each of the winning designers will earn 100,000 FanZ as well as their own outfit!


See you on the catwalk!

Your Woozband