WNS 2017: Your Cheat Sheet

WNS is here and the auditions have begun!

Now’s your chance to be Woozworld’s Next Superstar!

Your mentor, along with the other mentors, might ask you to perform some pretty specific MoveZ relating to music genres and we want to make your audition as smooth as possible!

So! We’ve studied all the MoveZ there are and have broken them down into categories.

Without any further ado… Here’s your WNS MoveZ cheat sheet!

Pop: Big M, Zombie Dance and Light Strike Gun

Rock: Head Shake, Side Steps and Bounce Bounce

Country: Stop and Go, Itch Powder and Lite Sprite Wand

Rap: Head Shake, Get Low and Raise Hand

Hip-hop: Big M, Raise Hand and Pump Jump

Electro: Bounce Bounce, Juggle and Itch Powder

Indie: Side Steps, Swirls and Stop and Go

Punk: Head Shake, Ollie and Kick Flip

Disco: Swirls, Swimmer and Football

Now it’s time for you to get out there and move!

Musically yours,

Your Woozband