WNS 2017: Meet Your Mentors!

Attention music lovers! WNS is BACK!

Prepare yourself for the superstar invasion! But… Wait. You don’t know what WNS is? Let us explain!

WNS stands for Woozworld’s Next Superstar! It’s THE BIGGEST music competition in Woozworld.

Each summer, WNS returns with a little twist. For instance, last year, we (the Woozband) each created a different label for you to join. This year, on the other hand, we want you to choose yourself a music mentor! Meet them below :)

Meet Wade Waikiki!


Wade is an easy-going guy who loves to have a good time! He’s always the life of the party and you can usually find him surrounded by his huge group of friends. Some of his hits include “Can’t Feel My Beex,” “Uptown Yeti” and “CortozaBoy.”

Meet Natalie O’Neil!


Natalie loves to surprise people with her constantly-evolving style and music. She’s incredibly sweet and caring; her fans mean everything to her and she loves keeping them on their toes! Her biggest hit singles include “Million Woozens,” “Cheap SaleZ” and “Woozarazzi.”

Meet Sasha Shantay!


Sasha is as real as they come! She’ll always tell you how it is and, as long as you work hard, she’ll stand by you and have your back no matter what. Her number 1’s include “Wooz Up,” Beex on the Brain” and “Run the NationZ.”

Keep an eye on the WoozNewz pop-up and your Quest Journal so that you don’t miss an instant of the competition! We’ll have WNS contests going on throughout the competition too and you won’t want to miss those either!

Prepare yourselves… WNS starts NOW!!!