Who Will Be Woozworld’s Next Superstar?


With the arrival of the new WoozRadio, The Woozband have been talking and they’ve decided to have a short hiatus from “The Woozband” to pursue their own singing careers as Superstars! Their goal is to be #1 on the WoozRadio  Top 100. But, as usual, their success now relies on YOU!

In the next few days, you will be able to choose one (and only ONE) of our Superstars to support: Myana Grande, Jenny Swift, Maxvicii or Jayrrell Williams.


Be part of the select Record Label of your favorite Woozband!
The contest will start next week with Collectiblez spawning and quizzes to complete… (More details to come). In the meantime, we have something special for those anxious Woozens that can’t wait to help our Superstars!

The biggest news of this year’s Woozworld’s Next Superstar (WNS) is that the Superstars will be accompanied by their very own Record Label. They will hand pick a President, Vice President, Label Manager, Promotion Manager, Marketing Coordinator, PR Manager, 1 Stylist and 5 Crew members.

Each job position will be chosen by a special WNS Unitz Design Contest. Check the Store now  and get your own WNS Tour Bus Unitz and the awesome brand new WNS furns!

In order to choose a Superstar to support, go to the WNS Central Room and visit one of the 4 Tour Bus Unitz (Myana Grande’s, Jenny Swift’s, Maxvicii’s ou Jayrrell’s).

When you get there, click on the GOLD chest outside the bus and voilà! You are now supporting that Superstar! But choose wisely! Once you choose, you CANNOT change your mind and collect points for another Superstar! 😉

Then, decorate your own WNS Tour Bus Unitz with the best of your creativity and once you are ready to apply for a Label, go to the Superstar Tour Bus Unitz of your choice. When you get there, click on the teleport podz that will bring you inside the Bus where the Podz for the Unitz Design Contest is. Once inside the bus, click on the green teleport that will allow you to enter in the exclusive area for Label Candidates and submit your Unitz.

You have until August 18 to send your Unitz via the Podz! The best 12 Unitz Design winners will be given one of the special Job titles for each Superstar Record Label: President, Vice President, Label Manager, Promotion Manager, Marketing Coordinator, PR Manager, 1 Stylists and 5 Crew members.

But remember!! If, for example, you click on the chest in Myana Grande’s Tour Bus, you need to use Myana Grande’s Tour Bus and design using the new WNS furns to apply to her Record Label. The same applies for the other Superstars.

Woozens that get selected for the jobs in the Record Label will receive an exclusive WNS Job Title and will have their Unitz featured in the Superstar’s Tour Bus! It doesn’t end here, folks! We will have new WNS activities next week, so stay tuned and keep an eye open to our Hot Topics!

Good luck to you all, Woozens! We can’t wait to see all the awesome Unitz you guys will create!