Who will be the Ultimate ChefZ?

You may have competed in the culinary arts when Jenny opened her Restaurant, but, trust us, you haven’t competed like this before!

Ultimate ChefZ will test not only your culinary skills, but your design skills, your speed and much more!

For instance:

RuhstiqThe RUHSTIQ KITCHEN UNITZ DESIGN CONTEST (which has been extended!) will show us you know your way around a kitchen and not just when cooking! Make sure your Kitchen Unitz is easy to navigate, but also pleasing to the eye. After all, who wants to eat in a less-than-spectacular kitchen? No one, that’s who!

The FANTASY MEAL DRAWING CONTEST will show us not only that you know how to put a meal together, but your food creativity as well! Remember, creativity is key in the kitchen!

JENNY’S GOURMET RACE will show us that nothing can slow you down! You’ll have to fit your way through different delicious obstacles to make it to the end.

MAX’S KITCHEN KWESTIONS will prove to us that you know your stuff! You’ll have to answer questions about food and cooking as fast as you can.

And even more!

Keep your eyes peeled for these contests and events if you think you have what it takes to be… the ULTIMATE CHEFZ!