Which SymbZ Are You?
  • January 15, 2015

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Gaming. Shoes. Basketball. Fashion. Unicorns. Pop culture. Rainbows. Music. Pizza. VIP. Yetis. Soon, you’ll be able to show off what you love with the new SymbZ!


Like your clothes, you can only wear one SymbZ at a time. Any SymbZ you’re not using will wait for you in your clothing inventory. You can sell or trade your SymbZ, and keep an eye out for new ones as we create them!

SymbZ can be either static or dynamic. Static SymbZ show off something you love or what you’re doing, like hockey or taking a BRB snack break. Dynamic SymbZ create a limited-time effect on your avatar, such as making you a rockstar or changing your avatar size.

With SymbZ, we say goodbye to the classic “brb” logo, for now! 😉

What kind of SymbZ would you like to see in Woozworld? Let us know on the WoozIN!