Welcome to the Woozcup!

While Jenny & Mya have been working on the Prom details, all Jay & Max have been talking about is the GREATEST sporting event in Woozworld; the Woozcup. It happens every 4 years where Woozens put their skill on the field to become the Woozcup Champion.  This year 16 countries (including Woozworld) are going head to head in the Woozcup until 1 country is left standing.

strBtn_woozcup_enIn Woozworld you will see this Woozcup button. When you click it, you will see a new Woozcup window that has the schedule and tournament chart. For 15 days starting on Friday June 13 and the last on Friday July 11 teams will compete to advance in the tournament chart. On July 11, the final team will compete and a champion will be announced.

Here is how it works on game days:

* There will be two teams competing (check the schedule in game to see when your favorite team is competing)
* Wear the team’s jersey that you want to win. *NOTE* Only the teams playing on that day can collect soccer balls.
* Soccer balls will start appearing at 10AM WoozTime and end by 10AM the next day. For each ball collected, it’s a GOAL! *NOTE* Only the teams playing on that day can collect soccer balls.
* The schedule and tournament chart will be updated 2 hours after the game ends (12PM WT)
* The team that collects the most soccer balls will get a golden soccer ball & advance to the next round (check the tournament chart in game to see if YOUR team advanced)

woozcup_gold_footballAfter every game, the Woozens that contributed to the winning team will receive a Golden Woozcup Soccer Ball and achievement for winning.

After the final game on July 11, every Woozen who helped the winning team during the WHOLE tournament will receive an exclusive gold Woozcup trophy and achievement

Good luck and may the best team win!

Your Woozband