Welcome to Island de OroZ!

You’ve made it to Island de OroZ! Now the real adventure begins… Time to get that gold!Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.43.47 AM

You might think it seems like a simple mission, but the Island holds mysterious secrets. There is a group of men guarding the treasure, but are they guarding something else, too? It certainly seems that way. Listen closely to what they say when they think no one can hear them and you might get a few clues…

OroZButtonsWhen searching for the treasure, make sure you DO NOT cross paths with these guards! They’ll catch you and send you right back to your boat, no matter how close you are to the treasure. As you get closer to the golden bounty, there might be a few clues for you to get past the guards, so pay close attention to any and all pop-ups. Who knows what could save you!

Once you’ve made your way back to your boat with the treasure, you’re free to visit Island de OroZ as many times as you want! Just click on the Pirate AdventurZ button to go. Getting more gold helps your crew out on the Leaderboard! You can check out your crew’s progress by clicking on the Pirate Leaderboard button.

Now, be on your way!

Good luck and happy hunting!