Vote for the ULTIMATE!

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The ULTIMATE Unitz Design Challenge is over,  but our ULTIMATE winner still needs to be crowned!! Our 3 finalists in all of Woozworld are; Rhythmy (EN community), Moustik7 (FR community) & DeathVanpire  (BR community). Congratulations ! x)

 Now we need YOU to choose who’s Unitz,  between the 3 finalists, will be showcased on the Woozworld App login screen! YOU have the power to choose who will be the ULTIMATE victor  by voting for your favorite! Who do YOU want to see become Woozworld’s NEXT UPCOMING star!?

Head to Eva’s HollyXooz Rooftop Unitz and click on the voting podz to help us decide! You’ll only have one week to cast your votes, don’t wait too long! Here’s a little preview of the unitz you’ll need to pick from:

 Rhythmy (English)


 DeathVanpire (Brazil)

DeathVanpire_PT (2)

Moustik7  (France)


ultimate unitz contest FR (2)

What are you waiting for??  Grab your friends and vote now!

We can’t wait to see who you pick.

The Woozband