VIP Benefits
  • August 19, 2014

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Stand out in Woozworld with VIP! Being a VIP has always been fun, and now it’s become MORE fun with NEW exclusive VIP benefits!

Here’s a full list of VIP benefits:
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– Access to the VIP line when entering Unitz (you skip ahead of all non-VIP Woozens)
– Exclusive VIP Skin tones
– Gold speech bubble & Gold profile window
– No Preztige requirements when wearing Garments
– Adjust how many Woozens can be in your Unitz via the Unitz Settings
– Gain Energy 2x faster
– Have more Energy to use
– Exclusive access to ZeChic in Shopz- Exclusive Emoz & Movez
– No ads on WoozIN or in Woozworld
– Earn extra Beex when you level up, finish Objectivz, collect Jobz or complete achievements

We’re always adding more to the VIP subscription so check back to see what’s new!

Visit Woozworld Store now and live the VIP Woozperience!

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