Unitz Design Contest news!

Guess what?! Our Unitz Design Contest just got cooler than ever!

We know you always work hard to win and with so many Woozens with such strong creativity, it’s getting harder and harder for the Woozband to pick only one winner.

That’s why from now on, we’ll have Top 3 winners and each of them will receive, respectively, a Gold, Silver or Bronze Unitz Design Trophy! They will also be promoted in the Hot Topics for a week!!

The 1st place winner will be featured in our iDesignz Unitz and also be added as friend by the Woozband that launched the Contest.

Also, while seeking for the Top 3, a Woozband will drop a “Louping for the Best Unitz” gift in every Unitz that has the potential to be in the Top 3. That means that if you see the lupe in your Unitz, cross your fingers and you could be one of the Top 3 of the week!




So keep up the great work and good luck!