Unikz: Get ’em While You Can
  • November 21, 2013

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blog_unikzIn Woozworld, we have garments and furniture that are rare. Rare meaning that some garments/furniture are more hard to get than others. Some items go for thousands of Wooz and others not so much. We want to introduce to you furniture & garments that will be called Unikz. The garments and furniture would be uniquely sold one time, thus Unikz is born!

Unikz will be available for ONLY a two week period. After the two weeks, they will never ever be sold again by us (Woozworld). However, YOU can sell and trade the Unikz for what you want but keep in mind… the only ones sold will be the only ones that exist. Never more.

We know trading is a big thing; we see trade centres in the Hot Now daily and want to give you more of a reason to continue having fun trading, continue enjoying selling and continue meeting friends while trading.

Get your hands on the Unikz today, you never know how much they will go for tomorrow!

The Woozworld Team