• July 19, 2014

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Dear Jenny,

My mom wants to track my phone, but I feel like it’s a violation of my privacy. My mom has no reason not to trust me, but I don’t like the idea of my mom knowing my every move. I feel like I have a right to my privacy. How can I get my point across to my mom?



Dear anonymous,

I totally understand that having your very own cell phone tracked seems like a violation, but your mom only has your best interests in mind and at heart of course. The purpose of tracking your phone is not just to be able to locate the cell phone (imagine if you lost it XD), but to be able to locate you in case something bad were to happen or any other kind of emergency at that.

I really do believe your mom does understand how you feel, but she also understands that her job as a parent is to protect her child. After all, you’re more valuable to her than a cell phone.

I hope you’ll be able to sit down with your mom and have a good talk. Give her the benefice of the doubt and the chance to explain her point of view. I’m sure you’ll come to terms. X)


Good luck!