Top 5 Jelly Prom King & Queen nominees

And here are our 2014 Top 5 Prom King and Queen Nominees!

Voting is very simple! Go to the UNITZ “Jelly Jelly Jelly!” and leave your vote in the BLUE and PINK Podz. The King and Queen will be crowned the winners by the Woozband on Prom night! The Jelly Prom will take place on Friday, July 04, at 7:00 PM (WT) and the party location will be announced on Hot Topicz!

Without any further ado here are YOUR 2014 Nominees, read their amazing Prom King and Queen entries just below!




I think the Woozband should choose me for Prom Queen because I believe that it would be a fun and memorable experience I haven’t yet had. Honestly, the reason why I go on Woozworld is to have fun and chill out, but I think that being chosen for Queen would be a unique experience that I’ve never been close to take part in.

Life is made of experiences, and I find that memories of those are just as cherished later on, so I think I should be chosen, at least to have a shot at it.

But, in the long run, I can make quite the funny Queen at least to make people smile and join in on the laughs. I think that that’s what I have to offer fellow Woozens XD.



Wow, I don’t even know where to start. Being prom queen would be amazing! I think it would be my opening thing to becoming famous around here c; I’ve been on Woozworld for a while now and it’s just an amazing place for you to feel special C: I know for sure that I will be going to the prom but winning queen? That would be a dreams come true! I’d also get to meet the Woozband which seems amazing since you guys are all so kind and creative! I’m kind of a glamour girl. You can tell by my name xD So, winning prom queen is right up my alley! Thanks for reading and i hope you consider me for the top 5!

– shimmer <3



Dear Jenny & Mya,

The reason why the both of you should choose me to be one of the five nominees for Prom Queen is because I’ve been a loyal member on Woozworld for three years strong. I’ve never competed in a competition this major since I’ve been a member I hope this will be a fun new experience to be nominated Prom Queen of 2014! Also, I want people to see that ANYONE can win anything if they just try their VERY BEST!! I hope the both of you nominate me.. That would be a true blessing. Thank y’all for y’all time. I love both of you because y’all are so awesome!! God bless!!!



Jenny And Mya,

I hope you pick me as a nominee for Prom this year because I feel as if I am a good role model for younger woozens. Also, I would like to use any ‘attention’ I receive to put my energy into making Woozworld happier and safer for everyone. I also know that many people would recommend as a nominee because I have proven myself to be caring and nice to everyone who comes my way. Finally, I want to be selected as a nominee because I am a competitive and driven person who never takes no as an answer (As you know already haha)

Thanks for reading my paragraph.

Tobanj (Tj)


My name’s Resolute. I’m here to clarify to YOU why YOU should vote me for prom queen! I could babble on for thousands of lines explaining how I barely missed any Woozworld Events, but I’ll only tell you one thing: Unlike others, I believe in a world where everyone is happy, where one smile can give another. I, Resolute- no- UNICORN RESSY, am running for Prom Queen, so don’t you forget 😉





I think i should be prom king 2014 because i have been on woozworld for 3 years now and i feel like I am a role model for others. I’m responsible, I help Woozens out and i try to teach Woozens right from wrong when an argument happens. Also I do have great style :)


Hello, i am obeytheclothing,

these here are the reasons i want to be prom king.
1- i want to be in most events, cause im usually in queue
2- i want to be more noticed, so people can look up to me
3- i do not want to do this for fame, as some do.
4- i really wanna be known for somethinng in woozworld, and winning as the prom king would help alot. i wanna acomplish this in woozworld.
5- i think it would be a good idea to pick me because i am very friendly around people.
i wish you could pick me, thanks for listning :)



I very much believe I should be chosen as Prom King because I am a very well-known and loyal Woozen here on Woozworld. I believe that I have an edge above most of the male woozens as I have a great sense of style, I’m outgoing, and I have a kind and generous heart.  Overall to sum things up, I would rather much enjoy being this years Prom King.



Being a Prom King Is Not Just a gift. It’s also an honor to be presented with that nice prom king crown. Even if you don’t win it is nice to know that you gave it your all to be crowned. Life isn’t just about winning but it still would be nice. Thank You for reading Nominate (Brendoniscool) as your 2014 Prom King of woozworld




Trying the hardest to succeed in life, I bring my happiness to woozens with a big great smile. I won a  SOTW, Free Style, Eva Wooz Hero, Max Game Shows and my most proud Achievement is going to 90% of wooz band shows. I never let people down.



Good luck!