Tipz & Trickz: The Hairstyle for You!
  • July 17, 2013

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Want to freshen up your look with a new haircut, but not quite sure what style to get? Check out the tipz below!
First of all, we all have different face shapes. For each shape, there are certain haircuts and hairstyles that best show off our looks!

1) Oval face: Bangs with layers on the sides are always a great choice! They break the length of the face and add softness to your appearance. Looking like Carrie Underwood is a luxury!

2) Square face: The gorgeous Megan Fox nails this look. These long wavy wavy locks help weigh down your hair and give it the ideal volume to match your face.

3) Round face: Short hair with chopped and fringed bangs naturally emphasizes the eyes and cheekbones. This cut works well on Ginnifer Goodwin!

Stay stylish Woozens!

MyaWooz xx