Tipz & Trickz: Matching Your Make-Up!
  • August 7, 2013

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Hey Woozens!

We’ve all been daunted when facing the array of colors in the make-up aisle.  With these handy tipz, you’ll be able to choose the right colors for your skin tone!

Skincolors_make1) Pale girls (like JennyWooz! lol) should avoid brown and orange tones in their foundation make-up. Choose neutral colors, like peach or light pink during daytime wear for a healthy and natural look. Finish off with pastel colors for eye shadow and coffee-brown eyeliner.  At night, it’s all about red red lips!

2) Light brown skin doesn’t do well with gray. It totally erases your face!  Lipsticks in brown or rose-red are great for both day and night. Opt for blushes darker in color to help emphasize the traits that give life to your face. You can create fabulous highlights by shading under your cheekbones and the sides of your nose with darker foundation colors, like chocolate or olive. Finish with eyeshadow in your favorite chic colors!

mya_ancient_greece3) Now this is a category I know all about!  If you have medium-brown skin, like me, use lots of gloss over lipstick in darker hues like wine-red and chocolate brown to enhance your lips.  You can accentuate your cheekbones by using a blush in coffee brown or terracotta red-brown tones and shading with shimmery brown, gold or bronze. Finish off with some eyeshadow and, of course, mascara! 😉

4) Girls with darker skin tones should avoid light colors like pale pink and lilac. For your lips, apply shades of plum, wine-red and chocolate brown generously. Choose blushes in shades of wine-red and terracotta red-brown. Brighten your eyes with copper, dark bronze or gold. Those three colors seriously pop against dark skin!

Now you’re ready to put your best your best face forward!

Stay stylish,

MyaWooz xx