TILEMANIA: It’s tile-tastic!




To give all of you the chance to earn more cool gifts, the Tilemania challenge is extended to November 22 nd!!  What are you waiting for tilemaniacs!?




We’ve been doing our very best to cheer Max up and showing him what our Hobbiz are in hopes he will find what his is. We’ve also been thinking of your Hobbiz too and we want to give you a little tile-tastic Woozworld challenge!

steps_en (2)

We know how much you love designing, especially using the Prom Tiles we have. You’ve created some very amazing Mosaic Unitz and have done what we couldn’t deem possible with the most popular furniture item in Woozworld!


Did you know that there’s currently about 3 million Prom Tiles in your Unitz? WE were shocked too! That being said.. we want to challenge you to add 3 million more! 😉 Every Prom Tile placed in a Unitz starting today will help unlock some gifts which will help your creativity even more (hint: if you use Prom Tiles a lot… you will love these gifts)!

BTN_tilemania_en To see the progress, login to Woozworld and click on this button! When each goal is reached, a new gift will be available in the Woozworld Plaza!

Will you be a tilemaniac? We sure are!

Happy Tiling! :)

Your Woozband