The MAS Experience Moves Indoors!
  • December 11, 2014

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myacamblogAs the weather gets colder, I’ve been seeing some fabulous scarves, sweaters and boots around Woozworld. Last week, the MAS Experience proved that you can girlcamblogstill look gorgeous while you’re out facing the chill. This week, I was inspired to bring the MAS Experience to you at home, with cozy but chic sweaters, slippers, and plaid.

The Plaidmas Experience is inspired by one of my personal favorite items to wear around the house, a big plaid shirt and matching boxer shorts! It’s so comfortable, but I can tuck it into some skinny jeans at a moment’s notice if I need to look cute going out (or meeting the pizza delivery guy at the door, lol). I like to match my adorable knit socks with my knit headband, but hey, I’m just a diva like that xx

The Relaxmas
Experience is for all the chill, casual guys that I know are out there looking for the perfect clothes
for hanging out on a winter afternoon. The long-sleeved, layered shirt, relaxed-fit two-tone joggers, warm slippers are woozencamblogtopped by a casually cool bedhead hairstyle. (And btw, for the ladies out there: if you want to steal those joggers yourself, you go on girl! I totally stole a couple of pairs for myself c;)

Of course, it wouldn’t be winter without season sweaters, so be sure to check out the five new patterns we have this year. OK, so they’re not all hand-knitted by NonWooz, but I think they’re still pretty adorable.

This winter, say yaaas to love, say yaaas to life, say YAAAAAS to the MAS!

And of course, stay stylish!

MyaWooz xx