Sun Selfie Winners!

MaxSunThe Woozband asked you to take a selfie in your Sun Head and come up with your best sun pun and, wow, did you deliver! After going through all of your amazing selfies (and your hilarious puns) and then going through them again, they’ve FINALLY picked their favourites! Find all of the winners below.

All winners will receive 50 Wooz and 500 Beex.

Congratulations, everyone!

pansap CuteBevvie
hiamlove187 Ozkaar
-Teletubbies- Pandaloveu
-RihannaWW- Fashiongirlgee
chofisbff BurningWings
Woozen-51057555 PoliceOfficerSam
Lillyyyyyyyycx Xxrockygirlcute
hannah-bug PandaGuyRyoo

Well done, Woozens!