Style Scoop #3
  • March 8, 2017

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With all of the new Spring Break events starting, Mya just didn’t have time to do a traditional VIP Style Scoop, but she NEEDED you to see the new spring break-inspired outfits! Check them out below.

Enjoy B)

The Boys




“This is such a fun look! Perfect for a day on or off the beach. I especially love the hair; so much volume!”




“This is a classic spring break look for guys! Casual, but perfectly styled. I love all the details in this outfit; from the graphic tank and tattoo, to the sunglasses, to the shoes! They all come together to create a fun, fresh look.”



“This one is so fun! Obviously, my fave part is the flamingo (and making Jay wear pink c;)! It’s so cute and fun. I can’t wait to see you Woozens rocking it!”

The Girls




“I love this sporty-casual look! The hair and the shorts are my fave parts; the hair is so perfect for a day on the beach and the shorts are so versatile. The distressed look of them and the tattoo also add some great details.”




“I LOVE this look! It’s the perfect balance of beachy and glam. I especially love all of the touches of jewellery in the hair, around the neck and on the arm. They add a fab touch! The ombre skirt is also amazing! I cannot wait to see Woozens in this one!”




HOW ADORABLE IS THIS?! The unicorn is not only sooo cute, but also perfect for the beach! And this hair! I feel like a mermaid c:”

And there you have them!

As usual, you can let Mya know which your favourite new look is in the WHITE Podz in the VIP Style Scoop Unitz before tomorrow morning!