Style Me Up!

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Hey Woozens!

We have amazing news! Have you heard of Style Me Up ®?! If not, Style Me Up is all about giving girls the opportunity to be unique and distinctive through personalization and freedom of expression. From do-it-yourself fashion accessories & cosmetics, embellishments and designer sketchbooks, with Style Me Up, you can express yourself through hands-on creativity, while adding a personal touch to the world around you.

Style Me Up is visiting Woozworld; don’t miss the chance to hangout in their fantastic Unitz to discover all you need to know about Style Me Up. Rumors say they might even send a design expert Mya’s way. Clash of the Fashionistas?  You’ll have to wait to find out!

That’s not all; Style Me Up’s secret expert wants to put your design skillz to the test! Download the template below, get inspired by the beautiful patterns and let your creativity soar to get your very own fashion design created into REAL Woozworld items! To download the inspiring Style Me Up patterns, click here!

You can download the Style Me Up template by clicking here!

This competition has now ended.

01455_packaging-lres_CUAThe winner will receive an exclusive Style Me Up Fashion Tracing Table mailed to them and of course receive a copy of their fabulous winning outfit.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

Your Woozband




*Style Me up is a registered trademark of Wooky Entertainment Inc.