Spikes – the trend that’s here to stay
  • August 20, 2013

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You’ve probably heard of Studs and Spikes which became a trend last year. Today, there synonymous of originality! They can give you a cool relax modernized look but can also be an addition to a rock’n outfit!

And if you think that only girls can use Spike details for their look, you’re wrong! This super stylish trend caught on for boys too!!

Need tips to customize your accessories?

Check out below! 😉

backpackFor a super cool backpack that matches your personality, don’t hold back on spikes! Combine your new blinged out backpack with jeans and a basic t-shirt, now you can go to school or even catch a movie with a very cool and original look!

hatIn order to give that old hat you love a second chance .You can add spikes to it, the amount is up to you ,be creative! You’ll have a renewed look for school!

shoesI always thought sneakers needed a little spice or should I say Spikes! : P Look at the example shown here.You can fill in the favorite part of your shoes with studs and spikes to give it a new life!