We’re Giving Beex Some Love.
  • January 22, 2014

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We are always working to make Woozworld a better playing experience and we do this by listening to YOU. We hear a lot of requests and feedback from YOU and have good changes that are listed below.

More in Shopz!

Shopz IconWe are introducing a permanent catalog to Shopz! The items in the permanent catalog are available with Beex OR Wooz. If you wish to buy a piece of clothing for Beex, you will need to be at the proper Preztige Level to wear it. This means if you are Preztige Level 5, you will not be able to wear a Preztige Level 20 item… but you can sell it :) ! However, if you want to wear the piece of clothing NOW, you can purchase in Wooz and have no restrictions!

Level Up Quicker, Faster, Better!

Preztige LogoWe’ve adjusted the Preztige points and we’ve made it easy for YOU to level up and get access to all the clothing and furni lines in Shopz. The good news: with the Preztige level adjustment, existing Woozens will be leveled up and have more access to the permanent catalog in Shopz!

Beex Gets Love!

Beex PileThe main request we hear is to give more clothing and furniture options available for Beex. Beex will be the main currency in Woozworld with a huge selection of goods (clothing (+tattoos & faces), furniture, Spellz, Unitz, WooPetz and more) to choose from! What about Wooz you ask? Wooz still plays an important role as a special currency. Not only can you avoid the Preztige levels when using Wooz but you can also get exclusive temporary Wooz-only goods! Currently, the only way to obtain Wooz will be from the Woozworld Store.

Shop Podz Overhaul

That’s Shopz, Beex and Wooz! Now for your own Shop Pod markets. You will be able to sell your furniture / garments at any price for Beex only! The Beex you make back, you will be able to buy new items from Shopz and continue decorating Unitz and looking fab-u-lous!

You are also able to put items in your Shop Podz for free! There will no longer be a restriction for how much you can sell an item for.

We can’t wait to see what you do with the brand new Shopz!

If you have any questions relating to the changes listed above, you can read the FAQs here and get your answers!

Thank you for your feedback!

The Woozworld Team