Schedule January 13th- 17th
  • January 9, 2014

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Sweetz Fashion Week!!


on Tuesday . January  15th at 8:00 PM WT (7:30 pm EST)  Do you know your miWorld? Find out with max at his quiz show!

On Thursday. January 16th at 8:00 PM WT (8:00 pm EST)  Let’s talk Fashion with Jenny

On Friday ,January 17th at 7:30 PM WT(8:00 pm EST) the conclusion of Sweetz fashion week.


Week’s Schedule


Schedule for January 13-17th
Tuesday Maxwooz wooz miWorld Quiz 8:00 wooztime  MaxWooz
Thursday What the Wooz!? Sweetz Fashion week 8:00 wooztime  JennyWooz
Friday Sweetz Fashion Show + party 7:30 wooztime  MyaWooz