Rainforest Bananza!
  • April 16, 2015

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Furniture_rainforest_treegroupWoozens! Back in September, you helped save our pal GoodOldWooz from his kidnapping by the evil lunchlady Ms. Neon. Now, GoodOld is back with a new, mysterious mission for us!Furniture_rainforest_birdtree

Everyone knows that GoodOldWooz loves a good old adventure. One of his favorite pasttimes is poring over all maps in his library, searching for clues about hidden treasure and lost cities. He’s made many a discovery in his day, but one famous site has always eluded him. GoodOld has been trying for years to map the Woozworld Rainforest, a notoriously dense, dark and confusing jungle. Legend has it that deep within the Rainforest lies the lost Temple of the Monkey, and GoodOld desperately wants to find it.

Furniture_rainforest_flowersSadly, the Rainforest shrinks each year due to human activities, but it’s still a vast and unexplored jungle that can easily confound even the hardiest of explorers. More than one would-be adventurer has become hopelessly lost in the this tropical forest, and have had to give up on their quests and return home to Woozworld with tales of endless trees, vines, and mysterious animal sounds in every direction.

Will you join GoodOld on his quest for the Temple? If so, we wish you luck… you’re going to need it!

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