Pretty Little Mystery
  • September 18, 2014

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GoodOldWooz has been doing some experiments on time travel and he unlocked a GIANT secret about the terrible twins Eva and Fil!

Woozworld’s beloved scientist and teacher GoodOldWooz has been doing some time-travel studies in his physics lab at Woozworld High. Last night, he decided his device was finally ready for testing:

There are signs of a struggle in his classroom, and both GoodOldWooz and his time travel device are missing! The question is, who did it? The following teachers were at Woozworld High at the time of GoodOldWooz’s disappearance and are now considered prime suspects:

Janitor Beex, the school janitor
Mrs. Neon, cafeteria lady
Professer Preztige, chemistry teacher
Mr. Shopz, the gym teacher
Lady Wooz, the fashion teacher
Ms. Yeti, the history teacher

Each of them have a motive – and secrets – but who really kidnapped GoodOldWooz? Help us solve the Pretty Little Mystery of Woozworld High!