Post-Election Feelings

Jenny asked you, the Woozens, to tell her how you’ve been feeling about the US Presidential Election results and you certainly did! There were definitely lots of mixed feelings, but everyone expressed themselves beautifully. Below are some of Jenny’s favourites!

All submissions have been posted anonymously.


“Waking up in the morning and finding out Donald Trump had won was a nightmare that had come true. It was shocking and it made my blood boil knowing that he had won. I did not like the candidates running, I was rooting for Bernie Sanders all along, but the media seemed to be more focused on trending politicians. And now that Donald Trump has won, I’m scared of what’s going to happen in the future. What is going to happen to us who are not originally American, who are not white, but from different races and religions? We deserve to feel safe in our own country and it is worrying to think that we might end up getting our freedom taken away and that maybe America might end up brainwashed by our new president. But for now I will set the negative thoughts aside and hope for the best and for everyone in America.”


“I honestly don’t know to feel about the election results. Both candidates have their flaws (as every human being does). They both have said things that made me a little scared to be honest, but even if you don’t like the winner, I think it’s only fair to give him a chance. The election affects us all in some way or another, so instead of being divided over the results I think we should come together as a community and as a nation. I hope that America’s new President works together with Congress to make America a better and safer place for everyone.”


Dear Trump,

Looks like a you’re president now. Looks like all the LGBT+ people have to hide. Looks like the Hispanics have to hide. Looks like all the kids have to hide from the stuff you want to do to the USA.

Do you really think you’re making it better?

You’re not.

You’re ruining the lives of innocent people that came to America to start over, for a fresh start. But now you’re here to destroy it all.

A lot of people are afraid of you. Hillary wasn’t any good either, but at least she was attempting to fix things. You’re just making everything worse.

The other day, an American walked up to me and told me that I don’t belong here.

That’s not right.

Bernie Sanders should become president. Not you.”


Ever since the presidential election results, I’ve felt great. I am a Trump supporter myself and if Hillary would have won, I wouldn’t have been happy, but I wouldn’t have been rude about it. I respect who deserves to win and I think that whatever happens must happen for a reason. I don’t look down on anyone who dislikes Trump, everyone has their own reasons, but this is just how I feel.”


I believe that both candidates had great ideas for America and its citizens. I was neutral as long as America is the best America it can be, it doesn’t matter who is president.”


I feel like our voice didn’t even matter/count. I feel like I was let down and many others were also. I feel scared in my OWN home! I feel like Donald Trump isn’t fit to be our next president, and I feel like if anything, Hillary Clinton should be because she has EXPERIENCE and Donald Trump doesn’t. I feel like the nation doesn’t even care who they’re voting for anymore. After all the terrible, and malicious things that have come from Donald Trump’s mouth, he still gets picked. America has made many steps forward, and since Donald Trump got picked, we took 10 steps back.”


The election was a slap in the face. No one thought Donald J. Trump would win. No Republican thought that. Suddenly, we see he wins Wisconsin, he gets Florida and other states he wanted or needed. I’m still a little shocked he won, mainly because my parents,when voting for him, didn’t think he would. I’m not scared of Trump’s America like most people would say they are. It’s not a scary thought that he won, it’s just shocking to my family. On the other hand, I’ve been called some pretty harsh things for being a Republican. I’ve been called many names, lost so many friends over this election and everything they say isn’t true about me. If this nation is going to fight together as one against Trump’s America, you start by loving your friends no matter who they voted for, whether they be Democratic or Republican, you learn to love your friends no matter what.”


Do you think sharks care about fish? OF COURSE NOT! They are up late and early biting things, ripping stuff up and reminding everyone that they are a freaking shark. That’s how I feel about the government right now.”


I feel relieved and terrified at the same time. I’m relieved as a future registered republican and this was the first time I’ve actually paid attention to an election in which a republican won. I’m terrified that the person who won was never really involved into politics until Obama’s term reached its limit and now we’re stuck with a person who has never had experience in the White House, unlike the Democratic Nominee. My feelings aren’t really vital unless you really wanted to know them. America’s in shock and so am I.”


Although I am halfway across the world, the results of the US election have saddened, angered and shocked me to the core. As a young Muslim woman of colour, I am concerned for what the future holds for my brothers and sisters by Islam, women and people of colour living in America. Most of all, I am afraid of what will happen to all of my American friends that I have met through Woozworld. I truly hope that these 4 years of Trump’s presidency will go by quickly without any significant problems or a World War Three, although that’s highly doubtful.”


Thank you for sharing you feelings with us. Remember to stay positive, respectful and open-minded, Woozens! :3