Piper, our newest friend from miWorld!
  • December 9, 2013

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Hey Woozens,

jakksI would like you to meet our newest friend Piper from miWorld’s Sweet Factory Unitz. She’s a super sweet girl that loves to hang out with her friends at the food court where she snacks on Sprinkles Cupcakes and Dairy Queen Blizzards. The OPI nail salon is also a favourite spot of hers, but most of all she loves making new friends.

Piper works at miWorld’s Sweet Factory, it’s her very first job! She says that the best part of her day is the candy “research”, she basically gets to eat loads of candy and taste all the awesome flavors.  JennyWooz’s is so jealous! 😛

In her spare time Piper and her friends build, collect and design amazing miniature miWorld boutiques, showing off their creative side for all to see. Did I mention? Piper is also a major Fashionista; she’s all about the latest accessories at Claire’s. They call her a queen of fashion, I might have some competition on my hands. XD

Piper is very excited to meet all of you, why not welcome her by stopping by her WoozIn! Let’s give Piper a warm Woozworld welcome!