Passion for Pearlz

pearlz girlHey Woozens!

We’ve been hitting the beach this summer in some fabulous new beachwear thanks to our very own MyaWooz.  But even the greatest of fashionistas needs help sometimes!

Mya wants to create a new summer collection as shining and special as the sea’s pearls.  You’ll see oysterz popping up all over Woozworld.

Finding and collecting a Pearlz-containing oysterz will earn you one point per Pearl.  But if you wear the special Pearlz Scuba Mask, you’ll be able to reach those more difficult Pearlz and earn 10 points per Pearl you collect!tuba

As you gather Pearlz, you’ll receive pieces of next week’s summer outfits as a reward:398646d8e5887ca149804ecb01bed964
100 points earns you the outfit’s shoes,
1,000 for the shorts or skirt,
at 10,000 points you’ll receive the hairstyle,
and once you earn 50,000 points, you’ll receive the outfit’s shirt!

If you woozens are able to help Mya gather enough Pearlz, we know she’ll be able to create a fabulous new line of summer clothes.  The top Pearlz collectors will receive one of Mya’s new Pearlz Collection outfits, a Boardwalk Unitz, and 200 Wooz each.  The #1 girl and top boy collector will each receive both of the new Pearlz Collection outfits, the Boardwalk Unitz, and 500 Wooz!

Dive inand help Mya build the ultimate Pearlz Collection!  We’re counting on you!

Your Woozband