Once Upon a Wooz…
  • February 19, 2015

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Once upon a time, there lived a girl with hair was pink as could be, the color as pure as a bubble gum tree. She was loved by all and hated by none, yet one day something happened that ruined the fun. A past break-up caused her such pain, that she began to feel hatred, spitefulness, shame. A Cloud of Hatred grew and absorbed the love of everyone around, causing all Woozens to turn gray and frown.

Woozworld put up a fight so pure and true; they used love to make the sun shine through. But shockingly, terribly, when they succeeded, the girl with pink hair’s life-force receeded. Her body was reverently laid down on stone, where she wait for true love to wake her from the unknown.

HTJennyThe Woozworld Plaza is where she will stay, waiting for true love to save the day. Now, her four loved ones will go on a quest. At the end, hopefully one will wake the girl with pink hair from her rest.

This is where our story ends; now it’s up to the pink-haired girl’s friends. You and the Woozband will continue to write, and make sure the girl with pink hair is all right.

And she lived happily ever after,” is what we would say, but sadly for us, this is not the day.