Oink! Oink! Prize! Prize!
  • June 13, 2014

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We all have at one point in time had a piggy bank at home… but what about a Virtual Piggy Bank? We’re excited to announce a brand new way for you to get Wooz and other items here at Woozworld! Oink payment method is now available for U.S. residents and it’s a safe environment to learn how to spend wisely, save for the future, and even donate to charities.


You can discover more about Oink in their Unitz! Watch out for the Gluttonz Oink piggies there, they seem to be very hungry! That’s why – you probably have noticed – little collectible piggies are oinking around everywhere in Woozworld: they are foodz! Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything!

 When you visit the new Oink Unitz, you will see giant Oink Piggies! Click on one to receive your FREE hungry Oink Gluttonz. Place it in your Unitz and start collecting as many piggies as you can: you will need them to feed your Gluttonz later!

Every little piggy collected will go directly to the Foodz category in your Actionz window. To feed and fill your Gluttonz, drag and drop one piggy at a time. When then Oink Gluttonz is full, it will be so happy that you will automatically receive a GIANT Oink trophy, like the ones in the image below!


But here is a tip: sign-up for Oink NOW and get an EXCLUSIVE Oink Piggy and Trophy!  

Create your FREE account with Oink and have fun with your piggies!

Ask your parents to help you and if you have any questions, please see our FAQ page.

 OINK is the new word for money!