Oh, em, gee, Merry Woozmas!
  • December 18, 2014

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Like, OMG, I’m so happy you Woozens chose me as your interim-Santa this Woozmas!

The Loganmas Experience is all about spending your holidays on the beach, with a palm tree for your Woozmas tree, a gnarly bonfire to sing caroles around, a rad fruitarian feast, and some totally awesome sandmen.

Ladies, let’s like, be so happy we don’t have to bundle up in scarvs, coats, and gloves this Woozmas! Instead, you can strut the beach in a like totally lovely snowflake-lace dress. We beach girls wear our hair down, of course, but we’ve added a little mistletoe crown to keep your hair out of your eyes (and maybe snag ya a Woozmas kiss). Pile on the bangles and bracelets, lace up your matching ankle boots, and you’re like totally ready for a Woozmas day & night on the beach!

For you rad surfer dudes out there, we’ve made a totally hunktastic outfit that’s fit for a day at the beach but also perfect for hanging out with friends in the evening, making Woozmas s’mores around the bonfire. You’ve got windswept hair and shades (obvi!), a classic white T-shirt with a holiday-patterned denim vest, matching loafers, and causal-yet-classy rolled shorts – all with a handy sweatshirt in case you or your friends get a little chilly on the nighttime beach!

And for the perfect beach-bonfire hostesses, I’m offering, like, the dress off my back! LOL but seriously, we’ve reproduced my bandeau-top-and-cover-up, along with the poinsetta I wear in my hair this time of year. I’ve been working so totally hard with MyaWooz on this collection, I hope you love it as much as I do!

Like, XOXO,