New Update: Chat (Web version)

Read about the changes coming to the mobile app here.

A major update is coming to Woozworld chat soon and we want to give you a small sneak peak of what’s to come!

Here’s a list of the important changes that you will see:


Your Woozen won’t look they’re yelling all the time anymore. Proper uppercase and lowercase will be displayed in your speech bubble, just the way you typed it.

1_uppercase_b  1_lowercase_c

An improved chat filter that won’t block your whole message anymore

Often, your whole message could be blocked by our chat system because of the filtering, which could be caused by an honest mistake or typo. We’re now trying an improved system that won’t always block your whole message, but only the filtered part instead. We are always working on improving chat, so please note this will continue to be fine-tuned throughout the upcoming weeks.

2_filtered  2_unfiltered_c

Chat bubble order

As you’ve noticed, in our current system the Woozen who’s in the front is the one who has their chat bubble on top, which can hide the chat bubbles of Woozens behind them. In order to encourage and improve conversation, we changed this system so that the bubble that appears on top (or in front) will be the latest chat written. Now, you won’t need to move your Woozen all over the place to see your chat bubble!


Improvements to the Unitz Chat History

We completely rebuilt the Unitz Chat History window (previously called Chat History) to be much more usable than it was before. Here’s the list of important changes:

  • Layout is optimized inside the Unitz Chat to be able to show as much chat as possible
    4_old_layout  4_new_layout_b
  • The whole window can be resized to the size you want. Also, it will remember its size and position between each game session, so you won’t need to place every single time
    5_size_c  5_size_b  5_size_a
  • The look of the Unitz Chat window can be customized to your tastes (see more details below about the customization options)
    6_theme_1  6_theme_2  6_theme_3  6_theme_4
  • You can now easily select and copy the text of the Unitz Chat window, if you want to re-use it somewhere else
  • To be able to more easily identify who’s talking when looking at the Unitz Chat window, doing a roll-over on a username will scale their avatar so you can see where exactly they are. Clicking on their name in the Unitz Chat will open their profile window

Unitz Chat History settings

You have access to a lot of settings to customize your Unitz Chat window and Private Chat window look. Here’s what each of them does:


  • Timestamp: Decide if you want to show what time each chat was said, as well the color and size it will be displayed in. Note: this feature turned off by default, so if you want to turn it on, you’ll have to change your settings yourself!
  • Username: Decide which size and color the username of Woozens speaking should be displayed
  • Text: Decide which size and color the actual chat messages will be displayed
  • Background: Decide the color of the background, as well as the opacity (so that you can still see what’s happening behind it while it’s open)
  • My events: Decide if you want to show Users Events associated to yourself, and which size and color they should be (i.e.: show when you’ve joined or left a Unitz)
  • Users Events: Decide if you want to show Users Events associated to other Woozens, and which size and color they should be (i.e.: show when another Woozen joined or left a Unitz)
  • Emo size: Decide which size the Emos should be displayed in the Unitz Chat history
  • History Limit: This setting is used to define how many chat messages should be kept at once in the Unitz Chat history. You shouldn’t need to modify this, but you might need to if you have performance issues (like lagging) when opening the Unitz Chat History


Improvements to the Private Chat window

We also did some improvements to the Private Chat window:

  • It’s also customizable and uses the same settings as the Unitz Chat history
    11_private_theme_1  11_private_theme_2
  • Improved the notification system to better let you know when you receive new private messages
  • General improvements and bug fixes

So there you have it! We hope you love the new updates as much as we do. Happy chatting 😀