New Update: Chat (Mobile version)

A major update is coming to Woozworld chat, starting soon! Make sure to check in often to get it as soon as it’s ready! :)

Here’s a list of the important changes that you will see:


Your Woozen won’t look they’re yelling all the time anymore. Proper uppercase and lowercase will be displayed, the exact same way you typed it.

1_uppercase_b  1_lowercase_c

An improved chat filter that won’t block your whole message anymore

Often your whole message could be blocked by our chat system because of the filtering, which was sad if you had made an honest mistake or typo. We’re now trying an improved system that won’t always block your whole message, but only the filtered part. Please note this will continue to be fine-tuned throughout the upcoming weeks.

2_filtered  2_unfiltered_c

Chat bubble order

As you’ve noticed, in our current system the Woozen in front is the one who has their chat bubble on top, which can hide the chat bubbles of Woozens behind them. In order to encourage and improve conversation, we changed this system so that the bubble that appears in front (or on top) is the latest chat written. Now, you won’t need to move your Woozen around so much just to see your chat bubble!


Improvements to the Chat bar, Unitz Chat History and Private Chat

We completely rebuilt the Unitz Chat History window (previously called Chat History) to be much more usable! Here’s the list of important changes:

    • Chat bar is now always there and doesn’t disappear when you open the Unitz Chat History or Private Chat
    • When you open the Unitz Chat History, you can still chat at the same time and also still see what happens behind it
      2_history_minimized_before  2_history_minimized
    • Touch the Expand button to open the window in full-size, which will give you the full experience
      3_history_expand_button  3_history_expanded
    • Once expanded in full-size, you can resize the window to the size you feel most comfortable with:
      4_history_resize_1  4_history_resize_2
    • Tip: Touch any chat line in the Unitz Chat History to select a Woozen and automatically centers the camera on them
    • Private Chat is now available in the same window by accessing the Private Chat tab. Here you’ll see all of your private chats at once. Like the new Unitz Chat, you can use it while still interacting with the Unitz and other Woozens
      Before / After :
    • To switch between talking in the Unitz and in a Private Chat with someone, remember you need to select the proper tab:
      7_reminder_tabsThe chat bar will always remind you who you’re currently talking to (someone specific or in the Unitz):
    • Tip: Touch the Woozen picture in the Chat Bar to open their profile


Chat History settings

You have access to a lot of settings to customize your Unitz Chat window and Private Chat window look just by touching the Gears button in the bottom-right corner:

Here’s what each of them does:

  • Text size: How big the text will be displayed, depending on the size of your screen and how good your eyes are 😉
    12_settings_size_1  12_settings_size_2
  • Opacity: By default the Chat History window is slightly transparent, to allow you to see what’s happening behind it while it’s open. You can adjust the level of opacity, from being fully transparent to fully opaque
    13_opacity_1  13_opacity_2  13_opacity_3
  • Show My User Events: Decide if you want to show Users Events associated to yourself (i.e.: show when you’ve joined or left a Unitz)
  • Show Other User Events: Decide if you want to show Users Events associated to other Woozens ( i.e.: show when other Woozens have joined or left a Unitz)
  • Show Timestamps: Decide if you want to show what time each chat message was sent. Note: this one is turned off by default, so if you want it on, you’ll need to change your settings.
    Without timestamps:
    With timestamps:

These are the latest updates coming to Woozworld! We hope you love them as much as we do. Happy chatting 😀