New Marketplace (Mobile version)

A major update to the marketplace has been released! Please read below for all the details.

Please click here for instructions for the Woozworld Web version

Shopping in the new Marketplace

Finding what you’re looking for in the Marketplace is easier than ever!

When you do a search, all the offers for a specific item will be combined together. For example, if you’re looking at the list of garments being sold and you click on one,


you will see a full list of this item being currently offered by other Woozens, all the different colors and prices as well as the time before the offers expire.


If there are more than 4 of this item currently being sold, you can see the rest of the list by clicking the “MORE OFFERS” button. When in the full list, you can go back to the search results by clicking “LESS OFFERS.”


That way you easily see every item at the same time and can easily compare prices between each of them. Then simply select the one you want to purchase and click on “PURCHASE” in the bottom right corner.


When searching for items in the Marketplace, you have access to a few options:


  • Type / Category: This is the same as before! You’ll be able to filter the results based on the item type and category you’re looking for
  • Item name: Type the name of the item you’re looking for
  • Max Beex: How much you’re willing to spend on the item, so you won’t be tempted to go over your budget 😉
  • Colorable: Check this option if you want to only see items that are colorable
  • WoozUPed: Check this option to only see items that you WoozUPed in Shopz
  • Favorited: Check this option to only see items that you’ve added to your Favorites in Shopz

When you look at the list of items in the Search results, remember that the first price you see is the price of the cheapest one currently available. There might be more expensive ones when you click on it, depending on who sells them.

Selling in the new Marketplace

The Marketplace is now separated from your Shop Podz. You can still use the Shop Podz, but their content can’t be promoted to the Marketplace anymore. To sell your items directly in the Marketplace, please follow these instructions:

  • Open the Marketplace
  • Click on the “Your Items” tab at the top
  • Click on “+ ADD ITEM”
  • In the list that appears on the right, you’ll see every item you own that’s sellable. Select any from the list and click on “Add”
  • NOTE: If you have too many items in your inventory list, click on the magnifying glass. This will allow you to filter your inventory to easily find the item you’re looking to sell:
  • Set the quantity of items and the price you want to sell them for
  • Click ADD, then the item will be available for others to purchase

Items added to the Marketplace now have an expiration date, so they won’t stay there forever. Items you add to the Marketplace will stay there for 3 days (72 hours), or until someone purchases them.

When looking at your list of items, you can easily see for how long they’ll still be available:

If you don’t sell it before the time expires don’t worry, your items are not going away! They will simply show up as EXPIRED in your list of items:

Select it to have different options appear on the right:

  • Click “ACTIVATE,” which will put the item in the Marketplace for another 3 days. You can also specify a new price if you want!
  • Click “REMOVE”, which will take the item out of Marketplace and send it back to your inventory!

Items that you have sold since you’ve added them to Marketplace will show up as “SOLD”:

This is to help you remember what you’ve sold. Simply select it and click on “REMOVE” to remove it from the list.

If you have more than one EXPIRED or SOLD item in your list, you can REMOVE or REACTIVATE them all at once using the ACTIVATE EXPIRED and REMOVE SOLD ITEMS to do it automatically:


You will see that there is a limit on the number of items that you can have for sale at once in the Marketplace. Note that items currently marked as EXPIRED or SOLD do not count towards your items limit, only those currently being sold.

Now it’s time for you to explore your brand new Marketplace! Have fun :)