Nation GameZ Shorts Contest Winners!

We’ve asked YOU to create amazing videos telling us which NationZ should win the GameZ and why!? The response was massive! We’ve received a tremendous amount of stunning entries and wanted to thank everyone who sent them in! Congratulations to our overall winner OSXYosemite! You truly made us believe in Colony V with this video!


Without any further ado here are the Top 10 Nation GameZ Directorz:


1st place –

Director: OSXYosemite 

Co-Stars: ripleyw and KarlaMB

2nd place-

Director: caitlyn-cait

Co-Stars: sheedaisthebest and kitttyyy

3rd place-

Director: rebecca-angel

Co-Stars: goddessofdeath and -EAST-

4th place-

Director: caraxhi

Co-Star: Sophie971

5th place-

Director: DedeRoks

Co-Stars: BlueForever, PinkkNyah, Cupcake37.

6th place-

Director: katiekat00

Co-Star: Lisafrank203

7th place-

Director: Strawbee

Co-Stars: agentblue10, Ollie93, and GislleE147

8th place-

Director: Semajee

Co-Stars: Purebell, HeyItzHeart, Nikkkiiiiieee

9th place-

Director: thumbalina9

Co-Stars: McMartin, OneSecret and selenaVIPcool

 10th place-

Director: Rawrbella

Co-Stars: tasmnexD and imthecrazyone-xD